Tajia Taylor


Tajia, "Kadin", & "Arrow"

My List of Accomplishments

Accomplishments with "Kadin"

Hi, my name is Tajia Taylor. The dog I show is named "Arrow". I have come a LONG way from where I was a year ago. I now have the most amazing puppy anyone could ask for. His name's Ruwach Braveheart, and he truley has a brave heart. I've gotten 2 points on him. I'm very proud of him, he got those two points in his 1st show! I was, and still am, a very proud mommy. I believe that you can have a dog that is very versatile in many areas.  I believe I was most proud when I finished Kadin. And also when I got Kadin's CGC (Canine Good Citizens) Award.  We were just starting out in Obedience and he hadn't graduated from his Obedience class yet, but I felt very confident that we could do the test very well.

Kadin                                                  Arrow

Watch for Arrow and I in the 12-18 Puppy Dog Saluki ring for a while longer. We might be going to the Saluki Nationals this year(2009). We go to many local shows in Florida.

CH Monab Neptune is the PROUD new daddy to a litter of all feathered puppies(5 girls and 1 boy-who looks just like his daddy). I'm very proud of him.



Tajia Taylor, "Kadin", "Neptune", and "Arrow"