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6/17/12 ~ We all traveled again to Palmetto looking for more great wins. Merlin, Arrow, Shagar, Desire, Kaya, Suede, Prudance, Bella were all happy.  Until...well...babies will be babies....Bella decided that today was not a good day for her to show.  She just didn't want to be messed with and the judge dismissed her.  Oh well...there's this coming weekend in Orlando.  As for the rest of the crew...we did good.  Shagar took WD and BOW for 2 points.  In the sea of tri's is our smooth red bitch, Kaya.  She was awarded WB for 2 points.  Suede took RWB.  Merlin received SEL again this day as well.

6/16/12 ~ Merlin, Arrow, Shagar, Desire, Kaya, Suede, Prudance, Bella traveled to Palmetto for a show.  What a wonderful day for all.  Shagar was WD, Desire was WB and BOW for a 3 point major, Pru was RWB, Arrow was BOS and Merlin received a SEL.

5/10/12 ~ Our apologies for not having any news posted lately.  We have lost Cheyenne and Bjorn within the past month and a half.  Both will be truly missed, but never forgotten.

2/19/12 ~ Merlin, Arrow, Desire, and Kaya went for round 2 on this wonderful day.  Desire and Kaya both placed 2nd in their classes.  Arrow and Merlin both did not place this date in the Breed ring, but both are handsome and there's always next time.
2/18/12 ~ Shagar, Merlin, Arrow, Desire, and Kaya we all there for the weekend event.  Shagar looked handsome, but placed 3rd in his class.  Desire and Kaya didn't fair well either; nor did Arrow.  Merlin was awarded SEL.
1/22/12 ~ Merlin, Arrow, Desire, and Kaya enjoyed another day.  Desire was RWB and Kaya was WB.  Merlin was BOS. 
1/21/12 ~ It was a beautiful day today.  Merlin, Arrow, Desire, and Kaya were enjoying the day.  Desire and Kaya both look wonderful in the ring.  Desire took BBE and Kaya took WB.  Merlin and Arrow looked great in the Breed ring.  Merlin took BOB.  We were all so proud of these four.
6/11/11 ~ Today was the SCOA National Best Of Breed class.  Both Merlin and Hugo got Award Of Merits. Congratulations to Sharon Gause and Sue Ann Pietros!
6/10/11 ~ Kumar received Best Stud Dog at the SCOA National! Congratulations to Susan Manthou and Marilyn Brown.
6/9/11 ~ Hugo was shown in the Am Bred class at the SCOA National and he got a 5 point major.  Congratulations Hugo!
6/8/11 ~ Zeus was shown in the 12 and over Veteran class at the SCOA National in Lexington, Kentucky.  He received a 3rd place.
5/29/11 ~ Arrow has gotten his 2nd major and is now known as CH Ruwach Braveheart.  Thank you Don for all you've done.  We greatly appreciate it!
5/27/11 ~ Arrow is a long way away from home, but was able to get his 1st major.
5/17/11 ~ Well it's time to send Arrow off to be handled in another state to be shown.  Thanks to Don Powell for agreeing to take & show him for us.
4/24/2011 ~ Desire & Kaya did a wonderful job showing again today; they were both 1st in their classes.  Zeus was shown this day as well.
4/23/2011 ~ Desire & Kaya did a wonderful job showing today.  Desire took 1st place in the BBE class and Kaya took 2nd in open bitch.  Zeus was shown this day as well and looks really good for his age.
1/22/2011 ~ Hugo was shown in Brooksville and took 1st place in his class
1/15/2011 ~ Hugo was shown in Brooksville and took 1st place in his class
1/15/2011 ~ Hugo was shown in Brooksville and took 1st place in his class
11/20/10 ~ Arrow & Tajia did a great job again today, but was not in the ribbons.  Shagar & Mara placed 2nd today.  Hugo was in attendance again today and took 1st in Open Dog.  Mara handled Merlin in the Breed ring again today and was awarded SELECT.  She did fantastic and earned 5 points towards his Grand CH title.  Thank you Mara!
11/19/10 ~ Arrow & Tajia looked great in the ring, but didn't make the ribbons this time.  Shagar & Mara did a wonderful job and placed 4th.  Mara handled Merlin in the Breed ring and did a wonderful job.  She made the first cut, but that was it.  Hugo, Merlin's brother was also there and placed 2nd.  We'll see what tomorrow brings. 
11/13 & 14/10 ~ Arrow and Tajia looked great in the ring.  They took WD both days.  Merlin and Suzie took BOB both days.  Tajia handled Merlin in the Group ring, but got dumped.  There's always next time.
10/10/10 ~ 2nd day at the Arcadia dog show...We were all there again and did well.  Arrow took 1st, WD, BOW, Kaya took 2nd & RWB, Suede took 1st in her class and Merlin took SEL.
10/9/10 ~ Arcadia dog show...Arrow, Kaya, Suede, and Merlin all were there.  Arrow took 2nd & RWD, Kaya took 1st & WB, Suede took 1st in her class and Merlin took SEL.
10/4/10 ~  Kalini  went BOW at Hot Springs National Park KC for a 4 point major.  Kalini is out of Kumar x Zoe.  Congratualtions and fantastic job handling Kathy.
10/3/10 ~ Big Congratualtions to Bobbi Mason and Marliyn Brown.  Dadaelis T'ku Al Zahabieh finished today!  "GiGi" as we know her is a beautiful bitch out of Zaku x Tirzah.
9/26/10 ~ This may not be a Saluki, but Congratulations to Sharon for her great wins with her Bangle cat, Rythem!
9/25/10 ~ Ruwach Braveheart was WD/BOW at the Deland Dog Show.  Congratulations to Tajia & Arrow.  Kaya and Suede both did really well in their classes as well.
9/11/10 ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOT OFF THE PHONE LINE ~ Received a call last night stating that Ch Dadaelis Bzantium Ritu Kumar JC went BOB both days and a Group 2 on one day.  He has earned enough points now for his Grand Championship title.  "Kumar" is now known as Grand Champion Am Can Ch Dadaelis Bzantium Ritu Kumar JC.  Way to go Dadaelis & Susan Manthou for this fantastic win.  We also learned that "Kaya's" brother, Dadaelis T'ku Sarih Sultan was WD and now has both of his majors.  WOW...not even a year old yet!
7/29/10 ~ Congratulations to Judy Harris and "Fire".  Hot of the email press..."Fire" is now a Champion.  Big Hugs & Kisses from us to you!  "Fire" is now known as Ch Ruwach Heart's A Fire.  This beautiful dog is out of the Simon x Netanya litter.
7/18/10 ~ GREAT NEWS from our Dadaelis friends. "Kaya's" beautiful brother, Dadaelis T'ku Sarih Sultan was WD at his very first show.  They are barely 9 months old and he already has 1 major towards his championship title. This dog is out of the Zaku x Tirzah litter.
7/17/10 ~ "Jamil" has earned his Canadian championship by winning WD, BOW, and BOB at the Saluki Club of Canada Pacific Specialty and at the Western GAzehound Specialty. He is now known as BISS BIF Am. Can. Ch Dadaelis Kushiels Scion of T'Cai, SC. "Jamil's" beautiful sister, finished this same day by winning the WB class and is now known as, Am. Can. Ch Dadaelis Kushiels Chosen of T'Cai ("Phedre').  Both of these beautiful dogs are out of the Cairo x Tirzah litter.

In addition on this weekend, Dadaelis Bzantium Zo'mar Kalini was WB both days at the Greater Shelby Kennel Club. This beautiful bitch is out of the Kumar x Zoe litter.

6/25/10 ~ BISS Am. Can. Ch Dadaelis Bzantium Ritu Kumar JC received an AOM and was chosen as Select Dog at the Willamette Valley Saluki Club Specialty in Oregon.  He was also Select Dog at two all-breed shows that followed.  "Kumar" now has 16 points with 4 majors towards his Grand Champion title.  The Grand Champion title is the newest title being offered by the AKC.
6/15/10 ~ Congratulations to all the Ruwach family and friends that placed and had lots of fun in KY this past week.  There was lots of great placements for each of the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.  We were glad to meet a lot of wonderful people and have fun just visiting with everyone.  Hope to see everyone again next year!
6/10/10 ~ Dadaelis Bzantium Zo'Mar Kalini was WD at the National from the 9-12 month puppy class and Best Puppy. This beautiful pup is from the Kumar x Zoe litter.
6/9/10 ~ Straight off the phone & email wire----------YAHOO!!!!!!!!!  Dadaelis T'Ku Kaya At Ruwach our beautiful little red smooth bitch was Best in Sweepstakes today.
6/8/10 ~ Straight off the email wire from Lexington, KY (for the Futurity Classes)...We're off to a great start this year!  Congratulations are in order for Starr White with Windstorm Salukis...in the 9-12 month dogs - Windstorm Valur Im So Vain took 2nd.  And for the Dadaelis Salukis ~ in the 6-9 month bitches - Dadaelis T'Ku Kaya at Ruwach took 2nd and her sister, Dadaelis T'Ku al Zahabieh took 4th.  In the 9-12 month bitches ~ Windstorm Shwana Ruffled Veil took 1st.  Dadaelis Bzantium Zo'Mar Cozette took 2nd and Dadaelis Bzantium Zo'Mar Kalini took 4th (these are kids out of "Kumar").  I'll post more as results come in.  Best wishes to everyone showing tomorrow!Dadaelis T'Ku al Zahabieh ~ "Gigi". Owned by Bobbi Mason
5/24/10 ~ Hello Everyone...sorry that I have not kept up the "NEWS" page this past month.  A lot has happened from 4/25/10 to now, so I'm going  post a lot under this date, and in the order that it was received (oldest to newest)...some of this is about my "Grandbabies" out of "Athena's" daughter, "Tirzah", but there is also very recent news. 

* 4/24/10 ~
From: Marilyn Brown - Dadaelis Salukis - �Jamil� (Cairo x Tirzah litter) qualified to run in AKC trials on 4/23/10 and he ran in his first AKC lure trial that day, and then on 4/24/10 went BIF for a 5 point major!  Congratulations to Marilyn, Erika, and Tomme!
Cathlamet AKC LC Best in Field 066.jpg (159229 bytes)

*4/28/10 ~ Nabil, Zaku x Tirzah litter, is now in his new home in Edmonton , Alberta , Canada.  Here he is at 6 months old...

*5/5/10 ~ Our very own "Mario", owned by Karen Arends, went out to play this past weekend...Lure Coursing and came home with a BOB.  WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*5/16/10 ~ The cream feathered male puppy in the Zaku x "Tirzah" litter we called �Blaze� was RWD today down in Texas. The entry was 6-6-0-2, just one dog shy of a major. The judge was Diane Divin (Awn Salukis). Last night at the North Texas Saluki Club Specialty Match he was BOS and Best Puppy in Match. He is owned by Diane Bolak and his registered name is Dadaelis T�ku Tavi Reth, call name Len or Lennox.  You can read more on Dadaelis Salukis.
At the Match last night, this puppy had never been in a ring or handling class before yesterday.

*5/23/10 ~ Here's a picture of "Sultan" at 7.5 months old.  He is out of the Zaku x "Tirzah" litter.
You can read and see more on Dadaelis Salukis.

I do have to say that I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO very proud of my "grandbabies".

*5/23/10 ~ As most of you know the AKC has started a 'new' placement / way to earn points for another title for the Champion dogs/bitches called the "Grand Champion Select".   Our very own "Merlin" (Ch Ruwach's Levi Strauss JC) was awarded this both days at the North Ft. Meyers show.  He was handled by Tajia, Andrew's sister, this weekend.

Last, but certainly NOT least...here is a picture of "Rythm" that I took today.  He is out for his daily walk.  He thinks he is one of the dogs and enjoys these little daily outings.

Well, off to continue to get ready for the Nationals.  Hope to see you in Kentucky!!!!  If your are making the trip, may you have a safe one and may the Lord Bless you all and keep you safe.

4/25/10 ~ NEW UPDATES - PAST EVENTS - Back on 4/11/2010 & 4/10/2010 we also had some great news & wins..."Fire" took WD & BW both days ~ "Desire" took WB both days & Best BBE on 4/10/2010 ~ "Suede" took RWB both days.  CONGRATULATION'S also goes out to everyone else that showed throughout the past couple of weekends!!!!!!!!
4/10/2010 ~ HOT OFF THE PHONE LINE...Can Ch Windstorm Shalom After All - "Memphis" took GROUP 1 at Sherbrooke in Canada today.  Memphis is a daughter from the "Eli x Denver" litter.  Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Starr White and Memphis.
4/9/2010 ~ Here is a link that you can follow to see pictures from the 2009 Eastern Regional Specialty that was held here in Ocala, FL in November.  Keep watch as there are more to follow soon.  http://ruwachsaluki.com/EasternSpecialty.htm
4/4/2010 ~ We did well today at the St. Petersburg Dog Fancier Club show in Palmetto, FL today.  "Desire" and "Suede" did really well today and looked good.  "Suede" was awarded the WB and Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex.  "Desire", "Suede's" half niece was awarded the RWB.  "Arrow" was awarded WD and "Merlin" took BOB.  Andrew did a wonderful job handling "Merlin" and also did a wonderful job in the Group ring.
4/4/2010 - Correction to the posting just below...To everyone that has already read the below information...my correction (webmaster)..."Suede" was awarded the RWB.  Please forgive me.
Have a very
4/3/2010 ~ HAPPY EASTER to all of our friends & family!
We did well today at the St. Petersburg Dog Fancier Club show in Palmetto, FL today.  "Desire" and "Suede" both were entered and looked good.  "Desire" was awarded the RWB.  "Arrow" took BOB over his 1/2 uncle, "Merlin".  Tajia did a wonderful job handling "Arrow" and also did a wonderful job in the Group ring.
March 2010 ~ Check out the Dadaelis Salukis site.  Our wonderful friend Marilyn has new pictures posted of the Zaku x Tirzah pups.  Not to mention, great news about where some of "Kaya's" brother's & sister's are in the world.
2/20/10 ~ Sharon showed "Desire" this weekend in Lakeland, FL.  Desire took 1st in the BBE class and then went on to take RWB both days.  Desire would rather be at home racing in the yard, but she's growing up and learning that the show ring isn't really that bad.  Way to go...next step is to take the WB & Breed; as she is really a beautiful bitch.
1/27/10 ~ YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!  Join me in sending out Congratulations to some of the Ruwach kids that have shown at the Brooksville, FL - Winter Classic.  Ruwach Heart's A Flame - "Flame" is our biggest winner.  He has managed to rack up WD / BOW / BOS / BOB in six show days.  Ruwach Braveheart - "Arrow" took WD on Sunday (1/24/2010).  Ruwach's Levi Strauss JC - "Merlin" took BOS on Sunday.  Monab Hugo Boss of Ruwach - "Hugo" took RWD on Saturday.  Windstorm Ruwach CoCo Chanel - "CoCo" took 1st place in her class.  Suzie will see if there is any others posted out there and let us know.  She also has some current photos of Flame, Hugo, and CoCo.  Keep checking back as she'll post them on their pages as soon as she can.  You can access their pages by just clicking on their names.

Even "Kaya" was there this weekend, of course on the sidelines...she was the cheering section...rooting her family members on to their wins.

"I would like to say a special "Thank you" to Andrew for helping Starr White on Sunday with "CoCo".  Starr needed help as she had two bitches entered and Andrew was there and did a great job showing for Starr."  (this comment made by Suzie Henson)

1/16/10 ~ Here's some more GREAT NEWS..."Memphis" won her first Group 1 today in Ontario. ALSO...she won BIS!!!!!!!!!!  "Eli" is the proud daddy and Sharon is the proud grandma.  Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!  May you have many more great wins like this.

1/15/10 ~ CHECK THIS OUT...here is the newest addition to the Ruwach saluki family.  Her name is "Kaya" and she is out of Amrika Zaku x Am/Can Ch Dadaelis Tirzah.  Suzie Henson has set up her very own web page.  Suzie and I made a trip to Marilyn's this past weekend to pick up "Kaya" and "Rythm" (bangle kitten).  Both are doing great and adjusting to their new home quickly.  Suzie will also be setting up a new photo album in the "Photo Gallery" that shows a little bit of our trip, but mostly of "Kaya" and her brothers & sisters.  Some of the photo's were taken by our friend Marie Anti.  Thank you Marie for sharing these photos with us.

1/13/10 ~ More news from Carol Fisher..."Flame" finished #11 in the top 25 LGRA all breed list in the USA and tied for #17 in the top 25 NOTRA all breed list in the country.
1/12/10 ~ WOW!!!!!! HOT NEWS ~ Received an email from Carol Fisher letting us know that "Flame" has earned her SGRC2 title at the LGRA Nationals and won the saluki portion of the LGRA & NOTRA Nationals AND was #1 saluki in the LGRA & NOTRA for 2009.  This means she is now officially known as Am/Can Ch Windstorm Shalom Afterburner, JC, CD, RN, SGRC2, ORC, CGC.
12/28/09 ~ Check out Dadaelis Salukis for updated photo's of the Zaku x Tirzah litter.  They're 10 weeks old now.

Also, check out the Kasaque Salukis website for puppy pictures as well.  This litter was born on Halloween.  These pups are out of Nefisa Jeevun ShCM x Ch. Caspians L'Aliq Avec Kasaque in England.  Helen and Michael Williams were the great host & hostess for Sharon and Andrew while in England for Crufts this year.  L'Aliq is a beautiful smooth cream bitch and mother; not to mention, the first smooth in 11 years to earn a championship title in the UK.

12/21/09 ~ Here is the critique on "Mario" and a couple others that are known by the Ruwach family.  These critiques are from the Galveston Bay Saluki Club, judge was Stephen Wailes (Australia).
"Mario" ~ AOM -
CH RUWACK�S MASERATI BY & BYE-BYE.  Black and silver smooth boy with clean flowing lines. Pleasing head piece. Beautiful neck into well laid shoulder. Excellent angles to front assembly, and excellent depth and length to rib cage. Very good curvy underline. Strong croup, giving width to upper thigh. A tad too much behind for me, but he had so many excellent qualities. Sound and graceful.

Out of a litter bred by Starr White - Windstorm Salukis ~ WINDSTORM ANTARA PROMISE UMUCH JC. A lightly shaded fawn girl with excellent proportions & size. Very feminine. Crested neck which flowed smoothly into a strong topline. Curvy underline with a most pleasing waist. Very pretty headpiece, with correct planes and strength to the underjaw. Gentle expression. Sound flowing movement�nothing overdone with this girl. Excellent clean moving front. Moderate. To be picky, I would prefer her croup to be less angled. WINNERS BITCH, BEST OF WINNERS

Out of a litter bred by Kim Stewart - Uluru Salukis ~ ULURU LOCHLAN OF GAYANULU. Self red dog with white trim. Much to like about this boy who is still only a youngster. Moderate throughout. I liked his size, bladed  bone, and correct angulation. Very pleasing neck into shoulder, well ribbed back into a flowing underline. Correct width to upper thigh which goes with a moderately angled croup. Fit and muscular. Needing more fill in front, but strong going away. Profile gait, light and easy. Head planes were parallel. Would prefer a larger eye. High set, mobile ears. WINNERS DOG
12/20/09 ~ Bev sent us this beautiful picture of "Lovey".  "Lovey" may not like the snow, but she is beautiful!  Merry Christmas to Bev, "Lovey" and their entire family!

12/18/09 ~ Check out the updated photo's of the Zaku x Tirzah litter on Marilyn's website.  Dadaelis Salukis
12/14/09 ~ GREAT News about the Orlando, FL show (12/11 - 12/13)..."Flame" (Ruwach Heart's A Flame) was WD one day, WD/BOW the next.  "Arrow", his brother, was RWD on 12/13/09.

Also, check out this photo from Marilyn...this is "Mussa" - Dadaelis Bzantium Kokkinos Pethi and he is out of the "Kumar" x "Zoe" litter. 
shown here at 5.5 months old.

11/29/09 ~ Here's the picture of "Mario" with his AOM.  Congratulations again, Karen & Mario.  Thank you Lois for handling him for Karen.  Again, "Thank you" Stephen Wailes for this wonderful award.

11/22/09 ~ YAHOOOOOO!  "Lovey" is now a triple champion...she has earned her AKC confirmation title, AKC lure coursing title and ASFA title.  Way to go Bev!!!!!!!!  Give that girl a great big hug & kiss for us.
11/15/09 ~ MORE GREAT NEWS about the Specialty ~ "Athena" did it again today...Best in Veteran Sweeps.  I definitely have to say, "this is one grandma that still has what it takes and then some."  "Merlin" was awarded an AOM.  Andrew would like to "Thank" his sister, Tajia Taylor, publicly for handling "Merlin" for him.  Andrew was not feeling well and Tajia stepped in to help.
11/14/09 ~ NEWS about the 2009 Eastern Regional Specialty ~ "Athena" was Best in Veteran Sweeps at the Eastern Regional Specialty today.  Athena looks fantastic for 11 years old.  Her kids & grandkids, from both sides of the US, showed beautifully.
11/12/09 ~ Congratulations to Judy and "Flame" (Ruwach Heart's A Flame).  "Flame" was 1st in the Open Dog class and then took RWD.  Check out the "Show Reports" page to catch the latest on the placements for the Ruwach family.
11/8/09 ~ Another great day showing for "Merlin" (BOB) and "Arrow" (WD & BOW).  "Piper" (Dalal Piper Shiva) won her class and took RWB. "Piper" is out of Ruwach Zion Omen JC x Ch Shiva's Satin Slippers.
11/7/09 ~ Check out the "Futures" page at Dadaelis Salukis...new puppy pictures!!!!!!!!

Also...check out the "Show Reports" page for the latest news for the Ruwach kids.  We'd also like to congratulate a new upcoming Junior Handler...Her name is Diana and her family owns one of the Uluru dogs from Kim Stewart.  She showed her dog, "Dempsey" for the very first time today and they both did very well in the Breed ring and the JR's ring.  They took RWD in the Breed ring and 2nd place outta 4 in the Novice Junior ring.  All this and it was their very first time ever in the show ring.

11/6/09 ~ "Mario" was shown in TX today under Stephen Wailes and was awarded an AOM...way to go Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We'd also like extend our congratulations to everyone one else that was showing in Texas this weekend.
10/27/09 ~ HUGE Congratulations to Bev Griffith and "Lovey" - Ch Ruwach Sarea Love Me Tender, she is out of the Eli x Athena litter.  "Lovey" had a great day on 10/25/09 out Lure Coursing.  She won BOB over 5 Field Champions and then on to taking BIF under judge Jeff Lipps.  Thank you Jeff Lipps for awarding "Lovey" this honor.

10/26/09 ~ Just a reminder...keep checking the "Futures" page at Dadaelis Salukis for updated photo's and news of "Tirzah" and her pups.  It's hard to believe that a week has already gone by and how much the pups have already grown.  I've got the pictures posted in the "Photo Gallery" on this site, but Marilyn is always posting new pictures and great news about the other Dadaelis crew as well.
10/24/09 ~ Congratulations and a big "YAHOO" goes out to our saluki friends with Dadaelis Salukis and SueAnn Pietros with Monab Salukis..."Apollo" - Dadaelis Monab Apollo was BW and finished today at the Vancouver KC (WA) show.  Now to add more great news to this..."Duke" - Dadaelis Zo'lo Faiz...one of "Apollo" sons from the 2007 "Apollo" x "Zoe" litter won a 4 point major at the Griffin/Kennesaw show in Atlanta, GA show.  "Duke" is co-owned by Lynn Brasington and Marilyn Brown.  Congratulations Lynn and "Duke"...way to go!
10/16/09 ~ Congratulations to Tirzah and Marilyn ~ Dadaelis Salukis has new babies...10 beautiful puppies have arrived!!!!!!!!  6 Boys and 4 Girls.  The sire:  Amrika Zaku and dam: Am Can Ch Dadaelis Tirzah have given a wide range of color.  3 Blk/tan, 2 red/fawn, 4 pale cream, 1 pale golden.  Here is a photo of them on day 1...keep watching the Dadaelis Saluki site for more pictures and updates.  We even have pictures in the "Photo Gallery" of the sire and babies.

10/11/09 ~ Congratulations to Bev Griffith and "Lovey" for earning her DC title.
9/20/09 ~ Congratulations to Dori and "Bjorn"!!!!  Bjorn is now a Champion...woohoo! "Bjorn" was handled by Valerie Beckwith.
8/28/09 ~ Congratulations to Bobbi Mason (co-owner) of "Tweed" - Ch Dadaelis T'Cai Lazeez Alwan, as he is now a Champion.  He is the heavily sabled fawn smooth boy from the "Cairo x Tirzah" litter.
shown here just relaxing on the couch.

8/21/09 ~ Congratulations to "Kumar" as he was BIS at the Puget Sound Saluki Club Specialty.  The judge was Bill Flynn.  Ch Dadaelis Kushiel's Scion of T'Cai - "Jamil" took the 1st Award of Merit (only 2 given out) and Ch Dadaelis Kushiel's Chosen of T'Cai - "Phedre'" made the final cut, but was not placed.  All of this is great news as these two are from the "Cairo x Tirzah" breeding.
                    "Jamil"                                            "Phedre'"

8/9/2009 ~ Follow the link to see the Kumar x Zoe puppies...they're growing so quickly...www.classicsaluki.com/future.htm  Thank you Marie Anti for the photos that you have taken...they are really beautiful.
7/23/09 ~ Join us in Congratulations to Kumar as he was awarded the 1st AOM at the SCOA Western Regional Specialty in Lompoc, CA under judge Tracy Larkin-Cox.  Other news from Marilyn on the rest of the crew is ~ Lucas (Apollo x Zoe) was WD for a 5 point major; now a Champion, Phedre' made the final cut and was shown by co-owner Erika Parton.  Way to go Erika!
7/21/09 ~ This email found it's way all the way around the world...Thank you so much Mona Bergstrom (Sweden)~
"Hi,  I was at Crufts this year and I have two photo of your son, I think it is.  Then I see him in the ring I think he has the best dog and he was the very best handler.  My english is not so good, but if it was I will tell you what I feel then he enery the ring, he was just flying with this lovley dog.  I have see you in The Saluki paper from England..."  "I hope I see your son and the lovley dog again.  Love, Mona Bergstrom, Sweden
OPEN - Dog
Entries: 19 Abs: 4

7/19/09 ~ Kumar was BOB at the Sighthound Club of BC Specialty in Canada and Phedre' was WB/BW for 3 Canadian points.  One more point and she will be an Am Can Ch.
7/18/09 ~ Lexx was WD/BW for a 4 points and Phedre' was WB for 3 points at the Western Gazehound Specialty in BC Canada under Edna (Midge) Martin.  Edna had Salukis back in the 70's.
7/7/09 ~ Just posted are new photo's of the "Kumar x Zoe" litter.  They're 10 days old now.  For further information and pictures, please visit Dadaelis Salukis
6/26/09 ~ CONGRATULATIONS to "Mario" and Karen!  Mario earned his championship this weekend and is now known as Ch Ruwach's Maserati By & Bye-Bye, JC, SC.  He is one of the brothers to "Merlin" and "Kumar".
6/26/09 ~ The Kumar and Zo� litter was born on June 26th. There are two males - a black & tan w/white trim, and a red/fawn, and four females - 2 black & tan w/white trim, and two red/fawn. All of these puppies were reserved in advance. We will know in 3-4 weeks which ones are smooth and which ones feathered.  Please visit the Dadaelis Salukis website for current updated info.
6/20/09 ~ Congratulations to "Cairo" & "Tirzah", Dadaelis Salukis and Erika Parton & Dr. Tomme Trikosko!  They are adding to the list of Champions quickly.  Dadaelis Kushiels' Scion of T'Cai is a new Champion.  "Jamil" was WD at the WVSC Supported Entry show at the Clackamas KC in Oregon.  He is now the 3rd pup in his litter to finish.
6/19/09 ~ Dadaelis Monab T'Cai Reflections, "Lexx", was WD/BW at the WVSC Specialty.  "Jamil" won his class on Saturday, at the Clackamas KC in Oregon and is now finished.  Then on Sunday at this same show, "Lucas" won his 2nd major...what fantastic WINS!
6/7/09 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARA!  We love you and may all you wishes come true.  Ruwach Saluki family & friends.
6/3/09 ~ Please join in the celebration as one of our Juniors graduate from High School.  Mara Utterback graduated from St. Petersburg High School with top honors.  She will be starting college in the fall and is planning for a degree in the Medical field.
5/25/09 ~ We have another WINNER!  Dadaelis Kushiel's Chosen of T'Cai, JC, "Phedre'", finished today with a 5 point major by taking WB/BW/BOS.  She is another daughter from the Cairo x Tirzah litter and granddaughter to Athena.
5/24/09 ~ Join us in Congratulating Dadaelis T'Cai Rabiah, "Rae", in earning her Championship title this weekend.  She is one of Athena's granddaughters and is the first pup in the Cairo x Tirzah litter to finish.  She is owned by Marily Brown and Bobbi Mason.
5/2009 ~ Up coming litter news from Dadaelis Salukis.  Am Can Ch Dadaelis Bzantium Ritu Kumar, JC ~ "Kumar" is going to be a daddy.  Marilyn Brown has breed "Kumar" and Ch Dadaelis Zoe ~ "Zoe".  The pups are due around June 25th.  If you are interested, please contact Marilyn directly at Marilyn@labrache.com.  How quick our little ones grow.  Kumar is the littermate to Ch Ruwach's Levi Strauss, JC ~ "Merlin"; whom was the BOS at the 2008 Saluki National and attended CRUFTS this year.
4/2009 ~ News update for Ch Ruwach Sarea Love Me Tender SC - "Lovey"...she earned her SC earlier this year.  These wonderful photos were taken by Lori Stebritz.  Thank you Lori for the wonderful photo and permission to use on our site.

3/24/09 ~ Check out the "Photo Gallery"!  There are some really AWESOME pictures of the trip.  It was to dark in doors at the actual show for pictures.  Sorry, but got other fun shots.
3/23/09 ~ Happy 5th Birthday to all of the pups in the "Elvis Presley" song title litter.  My wish for each is to continue to do well and be happy.  Each have done very well in their accomplishments and continue to do so.  We send birthday hugs and kisses to each!
3/11/09 ~ Andrew said that Merlin was the only 'smooth' in his class.  Personally, mom would've been really feeling out of place and feeling a little intimidated.  However, not these two...they did fantastic!
3/5/09 ~ Here's the results - Merlin and Andrew placed 5th out of 19 dogs in his class.  They were awarded a "Ribbon and VHC" (very highly commended).  Everyone is very proud of these two boys from the USA.  The 4 dogs that beat them are very highly known Internationally and Nationally over seas.  Sharon and Jr's mom are VERY proud of both these boys.  They will be arriving back home late on Monday so we'll have more updates/details after that.  A "HUGE" thank you to everyone that supported them and kept their fingers crossed!
3/4/09 ~ Tomorrow is the day that they show.  Of course they are 5 hours ahead of us time wise, but I will post information as I get it.  If you wish to view some of the show please go to www.crufts.org.uk off to the right-hand side there is a link for "Crufts TV".  The BBC has decided to air the event online.
3/7/09 ~ Tajia's Christmas graphic gift to Sharon 2009

3/1 - 3/09 ~ Andrew, Sharon, and Merlin took off for England.  It was a cold day, but all went well.  They said the flight was a little bumpy, but was not to bad.  They went out for their first sight seeing and had a wonderful time.  Andrew climbed all the way to the top of the hill where Lord Carnarvon is buried.  Andrew says it is a beautiful view.  He also says that England is really beautiful and not sure he wants to come home, but he will.  He also says that maybe one day he'll move there because it is so beautiful.  Merlin decided it was to cold to venture out that day, but he gets out and plays with the other Salukis that are owned by Helen & Michael Williams.  Helen tells me not to worry that everyone is in good hands and is getting along just fine.

1-16/09 ~ BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our wonderful Lord above has watched over us and has answered our prayers.  With each obstacle that has come our way; he has provided us with the guidance needed. Andrew, Merlin, and Sharon are going to CRUFTS.  Hounds will show on March 5; so keep us in your prayers and watch this page for updates.  Andrew's mom will keep everyone posted.
1/10/09 ~ Congratulations to Marilyn on the arrival of the 9 new puppies out of Ch Denali's Kenai Fjords x Ch Dadaelis Azali Farouk.  There are 3 tri boys, 3 red boys, and 3 tri girls born 1/9/09.  All are doing well.  For further information and pictures, please visit Dadaelis Salukis
1/8/09 ~ Congratulations to Judy Harris!  Sharon Gause showed "Fire" and picked up his first major under judge Rita Figg.  It was a 4 point major.  See the "Show Reports" page for more information on how the rest of the crew did on this date.
11/30/08 ~ Ruwach's Masarati By & Bye-Bye - "Mario" and Karen have been out Lure Coursing.  He went BOB at the Region VI Area Invitational.  He has earned 24 points & one 1st place towards ASFA title.  He also has 4 points towards AKC title.
11/24/08 ~ CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!  "Flame" now has new titles and is continuing to 'BURN UP" the countryside...Am Can Ch Windstorm Shalom Afterburner, JC, RN, SGRC, ORC, CGC.  "Flame" has won the LGRA and NOTRA Nationals again in 2008; this makes it two consecutive years in a row...WOW!  She also achieved her ORC title which replaced the SOR title she achieved in 2007.  She was the #1 LGRA & NOTRA Saluki for 2007 and #10 of all sighthounds racing the LGRA in 2007.  "Flame" also has one leg toward her CD and is working on her ASFA FCh now.  Congratulations to Ms. Carol Fisher for a fantastic job working with this lovely bitch.  We can't wait to see some pictures; in the meantime, I guess some of the rest of us have a lot of catching up to do out on the field.
11/15/08 ~ CONGRATULATIONS to our Ruwach Trueheart and his owner Rita Figg.  Rita showed "Skye" this weekend and took BSW in the 9 - 12 month Puppy and RWD/BP under judge Ms. Amy Sorbie at the Greater Ocala DC.
11/14/08 ~ It is with a heavy heart to post this news...Mary Jane Helder past away last night.  I know her memory will carry on with all of us.  I am truly honored to have known such a wonderful lady.  Please take a moment and bow your heads...GOD BLESS YOU MARY JANE!
11/9/08 ~ "Merlin" took his first Best of Breed at the Hernando County KC under judge Karen Dumke.  "Arrow" took 1st & WD for his first 2 points.
11/8/08 ~ Ruwach Braveheart and Ruwach Trueheart were in their first show this weekend.  Both boys did wonderful.  "Skye" took 1st place and "Arrow" 2nd place in the 6 - 9 month class this day under judge Lori Nelson.
11/2/08 ~ HOT OFF THE WIRE!!!!!!!  Monab litter - 4 girls and 1 boy!   All are Tri and look very much like "Neptune".  Please contact Sueann Pietros directly at Monabsaluki@aol.com for inquires.
10/2008 ~ Big Announcement -- Sueann Pietros is expecting a litter in early November.  This litter is sired by Ch. Monab Neptune x Ch Monab Timacua al Ruwach.  Neptune is co-owned by one of our Juniors; Tajia Taylor.  Tajia is excited about her "Tune Man" being a daddy.  If you are interested in a pup from this litter, please contact Sueann directly by emailing her at Monabsaluki@aol.com.
9/20/08 ~ It's official...LAST planned breeding for "Athena" will be with Ch. Elessar's Janus Al Monab JC.  Sharon has always liked "Murphy" and is very pleased that Sue Flynn has agreed to this match.  "Athena" has not come into season yet, but we will keep you posted.
8/20/08 ~ I am writing this news with a heavy heart this day...Please join Ruwach Salukis, Shiva's Saluki, and John Cohee & Tajia Taylor with sending Ch. Shiva's Aries Shikadin over "Rainbow Bridge".  John Cohee and Tajia Taylor owned "Aries" together.  With the love and guidance of John & Rachel Cohee, Tajia Taylor started handling "Aries" in 2000 and finished him in May 2004.  Tajia & Aries made a great team for a young girl just starting out in the Saluki breed.

A quote from Tajia's Jr page; "I was so very proud of him; as well as myself.  This was my first major accomplishment with the breed."

"Thank you my friend for showing me the way and being such a wonderful and patient dog as I learned the ropes with you at a very young age.  You taught me a lot!"  Love Tajia

8/12/08 ~ Received the Sands Publication that is done for the ASFA Lure Coursing.  As of 5/28/08 Ch. Ruwach Teddy Bear is listed as #16 in the country under Unlimited Coursing.
8/10/08 ~ News Flash - Hot off the email line!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! goes out to Starr White.  Windstorm Ruwach CoCo Chanel JC is now a Canadian Champion. She finished her Canadian Championship at the Eastern Regional Saluki Club of Canada Specialty this weekend.

Also, in this great news comes the fantastic news of "
Memphis" taking BOB and Group 3 her first time out as a Special.  CONGRATULATIONS Starr and Mary Jane.
7/21/08 ~ HOT...HOT...HOT ~ how HOT can any of "ATHENA" or "ELI" children & grandchildren get this year?  keep tuning in to see - check this news out!

Congratulations Mary Jane & Starr!  "Memphis" was WB at the Canadian National Specialty and is now a Canadian Champion.  "Memphis" is an "Eli" daughter.
Thank you Marie Anti and Lin for these wonderful photos.
7/20/08  "Kumar" was WD at the Canadian National Specialty.  He is now a Canadian Champion as well as an American Champion. Congratulations Susan & Marilyn!
        WD & BOW at the Western Gazehound Specialty in B.C. Canada
       WD at the Saluki Club of Canada's National Specialty in B.C. Canada
       WD at the Sighthound Club of B.C. Specialty

"Lexx", Dadaelis Monab T'Cai Reflections, son of "Tirzah" and grandson of "Athena" was RWD from the 6 - 9 Month and Best Puppy at two of the Specialties. 
"Bliss", Dadaelis T'Cai Rapture, daughter of "Tirzah" and granddaughter of "Athena" was RWB at two of the Specialties.

7/1/08 ~ Just in!!!!  Ruwach's Maserati By & Bye-Bye, "Mario" picked up 1 point at the OK shows.  This is great; as the entries are not that big!  Karen is hoping for bigger entries in Houston.
6/29/08 ~ HOT News - "Phedre" (Dadaelis Kushiel's Chosen of T'Cai) was Best of Winners for a 3 point major.  Phedre is from the Cairo x Tirzah litter and is a granddaughter of Ch Shiva's Athena Shikadin.  Also, Apollo (Dadaelis Monab Appollo) was WD for a 3 point major.
6/24/08 ~ Just received FANTASTIC NEWS...Ruwach's Maserati By & Bye-Bye, "Mario" took WD / BOW / BOS at the Denton Kennel Club in May 2008.  Great job of handling goes out to Karen Black.
6/20/08 ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goes out to Susan Manthou and Marilyn Brown.

The Cairo x Tirzah son "Jamil" - Dadaelis Kushiel's Scion of T'Cai won both of his classes and was BOS in the Sweepstakes, under judge Gina Hayden.

Kumar had been moved up as a Special & won the first "Award of Merit" at the Willamette Valley Saluki Club Specialty in Canby, OR., under judge Brian Duggan.  There was 15 dogs - 17 bitches and 10 Specials, plus veterans.

Congratulations goes out to Susan & Marilyn!!!!!!!!!  Just got word that "Kumar", Dadaelis Bzantium Ritu Kumar earned his last point.  He is now the 2nd in the litter to finish.
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone at the SCOA Nationals in Lexington, KY. Here's the news FLASH...

6/7/08  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! goes out to Andrew Wood, Jr. for winning Best Opposite Sex in the Breed ring with "Merlin", Ch. Ruwach Levi Strauss.  Andrew Wood is just 13 years old and held his dog & himself together to make it to the top.  "Everyone was on the edge of their seats as the Judge, Mrs. Karen Fisher stood between DC Doubletime Dot's Numero Una SC and Ch. Ruwach Levi Strauss.  Mrs. Fisher awarded the BOB to DC Doubletime Dot's Numero Una SC.  She then awarded the BOW to Windstorm Shalom After All.  Ch. Denali's Kenai Fjords was given an "Award of Merit".

Quote from Andrew Woods mom:  "Thank you Sharon T. Gause for co-owning "Merlin" with Andrew and standing by us to help with him and Tajia with "Kadin".
 Without your wonderful Salukis and guidance, we wouldn't have made it this far.

6/6/08  Congratulations to Jack & Mary Jane Helder and Randy & Starr White.  "Memphis", Windstorm Shalom After All,  was Winners Bitch, BOW, and Best Bred By Exhibitor.  Her sire is Ch. Ruwach's Smooth As Cilk, our wonderful "Eli".  Earlier quote from Mary Jane Helder:  "Memphis ran in her first trial and BOB of course.  She is my joy making my life full of her mischief and exuberance.  I am a very lucky lady.  Thank you for allowing "Eli" to come into our lives with a wonderful breeding.  "Flame" continues to burn her way across the landscape in several venues and our boy plays with the autistic and helps kids learn to read.  3 remarkable puppies."

Congratulations to Randy & Starr White, as Windstorm Ruwach CoCo Chanel took 4th in the Open Bitch class out of 38 total in this class.

6/5/08  Ch Ruwach Levi Strauss earned his JC title and ran beautifully.  Even with the Lure came undone; he stayed right in the corner looking for it to go. 

Our JR's did a fantastic job showing in the JR Showmanship ring and handling dogs & bitches for other owners/breeders in the "Dog" & "Bitch" rings.

Congratulations to Mara Utterback for winning the Open Senior.  Tajia Taylor was the only other JR in the class and was proud that her Best Friend won.

Destany Navaro won the Open Intermediate class.  Andrew Wood, Jr. took third.

Christina Roberts, Jr. Handler for Jane Worthington, won Best Jr. Handler.

6/4/08  Congratulations to Marilyn Brown & Bobbi Mason.  Bobbi Mason has "Tweed", Dadaelis T'Cai Lazeez Alwan and his sister, Dadaelis T'Cai Rabiah.  Rabiah won her class of 20 and then went on to win BOS in Sweepstakes.  They are from the Cairo x Tirzah litter.  The Best in Sweeps winner was Az Bahja The Fountainhead and is owned by Bill & Sue Flynn.

 Dadaelis T'Cai Rabiah ~ Best Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes - 7 months old.

5/25/08 ~ Join Ruwach Saluki in Congratulating Marilyn Brown and Bobbi Mason.  The dark sabled fawn smooth boy from the Cairo x Tirzah litter, "Tweed" won Best in Sweeps and then WD for a 3 point major.
5/18/08 ~ Please join me in wishing a Great Big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Sharon and Andrew. 
5/17/08 ~ Look out Mario's on a roll!  He took BOB in Lure Coursing at the Trinity Valley Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Texas under Ian Davies.
5/11/08 ~ Congratulations to Mario!!!!  Ruwach's Maserati By & Bye-Bye earned WD/BOW/BOS for a point at the Denton Kennel Club under Gary Doerge.
5/15/08 ~ Check this out!  Kumar and Drachma out for a fun filled day of coursing.

5/4//08 ~ Congratulations to Kumar for earning another point at the Olympia KC.  One point left to earn and we'll have the next Champion in the litter.
5/10/08 ~ Join us in Congratulating the new owners of Ruwach Heart Throb, Ruwach Hearts A Flame, and Ruwach Hearts A Fire.  Enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed watching them grow.  Please send pictures to continue with their pages and any show report updates.
5/4/08 ~ Tajia got to bring "Arrow" home and is having a wonderful time with him.  His first night with her was good.  The usual quiet down time and drift off to sleep.  It's a good thing that Tajia's up early to get ready for school, because he had her up right when her alarm clock went off.

The other 3 boys will be leaving this coming Saturday for their new homes.

4/26/08 ~ The puppies are now 10 weeks old and rambunctious as ever.   Ruwach Trueheart is in his "Forever" new home now.  He is owned by Rita Figg, who also owns Ch. Ruwach Good Luck Charm.
4/20/08 ~ Congratulations to Destany and Ch Ruwach Teddy Bear.  Destany & Teddy took the Breed class today.  Both looked absolutely wonderful and worked together as the TEAM that they have always been.  Happy Birthday Destany!

Congratulations to Jane Worthington also for taking the 3 point major on Denali's North Star El Monab - "Shaun" today.  Happy Birthday to Ms. Jane from the Ruwach Kennel.

3/29/08 ~ Congratulations to Shagar and Mara, they got BOW at the Palmetto show.
3/29/08 ~ New puppy pictures are posted in the photo gallery.
3/22/08 ~ The puppies are now 5 weeks old and growing quick.  They all look wonderful and Netanya is a fantastic "Mom".
2/14/08 ~ NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!  The puppies are here!  Simon x Netanya litter was born on this wonderful day.  5 boys & 1 girl, all are 'tri' feathered.  Please see the "Photo Gallery" for pictures.

1/16 & 1/17/08 ~ Congratulations Kumar and Drachma on earning your JC titles.  Kumar is the first in his litter to earn such a wonderful title.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks Susie for the update info on both of them.
1/14/08 ~ NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Netanya has had the pups and all are doing well.  We have 5 boys and 1 girl.  All are 'Tri's'.  Pictures will be taken and posted this weekend, on the "Puppies" page and also in the "Gallery".
1/10/08 ~ Ch Ruwach Teddy Bear JC took BIF in Brooksville, FL this day.  CONGRATULATIONS!
1/10/08 ~ Just heard that CoCo took WB & BOW this weekend at the SCOA Regional for a 5 point major.  She now has 10 points and both majors.  Congratulations Starr!!!!!!!!!!
1/13/08 ~ Andrew finished "Merlin" today and has done a wonderful job handling "Merlin" throughout his show career.  Now it's time to let "Merlin" finish growing up and then he'll be back.
1/2008 ~ Andrew says that he will continue to show him once in awhile, but wants him to finish growing up and filling out.
1/2008 ~ Sharon Gause handled "Suede" (a 1/2 sister to "Merlin") in the show ring today and took WB for a 1 point.
News Information prior to 2008 is held and retained in an "achieved" file.  If you are looking for something specific, please email me.  Thanks, Sharon T. Gause