Ch Wellmar's Omar Ishtar Gause CD

My name is Sharon T. Gause and welcome to Ruwach Salukis. I was first attracted to Salukis and fell in love with the breed in a High School History Class, while studying about the Egyptians. I loved the outline and graceful picture they presented on the tombs.  My husband, Daniel and I started with Doberman Pinchers and now we have our wonderful kennel full of Salukis.  My mentors are Paula Kuhl and Sue Ann Pietros.

In 1975 my first dog was born, "Ch. Wellmar's Omar Ishtar Gause, CD" , a male. My second dog was born in 1977 a female, "Ch. El Baz Halu Al Ahram, CD". They were the parents of my first litter in 1982. I kept one bitch and my sister, Rachel Cohee, kept another. These two bitches were our foundation. Since then we have bred together and split litters.  All dogs born at my house, and kept by me, are given the kennel name, "Ruwach". All dogs she keeps, and litters raised at her house, are registered under the kennel name "Shiva".
  Ch. Ruwach Cilk Bint Monab

 It is very hard to put importance on a single dog, as they are all children to me.  Each one is different in their own way. The bitch I am most proud of would have to be; "Ch. Ruwach Buusha bint Monab CD" as she won the "ASFA Regional Invitational". She was second in "Open" at the National one year and was "High In Trial" at the National another year. She typifies what I try to represent- a Saluki that does everything.
 Am Can. Ch Dadaelis Tirzah

Five of my dogs that I think are the best are "Ch. Wellmar's Omar Ishtar Gause, CD", "Ch. El Baz Hazar, CD, F", "Ch. Ruwach Assir, Cd, F", "Ch. Monab Queen of Hearts.", and "Ch. Shiva's Athena Shikadin". Five dogs of someone else's dogs that I think are the best are "Ch. Akkad Kohl of Shikadin", "Ch. Davijoya's Suez El Egypt", "Ch. Pharout Enchanted Evening", "Ch. Monab Classic", and "Ch. Damascus Iago".

I believe in breeding all around functioning dogs. They must include good type and movement with general mental soundness. I generally breed older dogs which are in good general health. I try to research potential problems before I breed with others-and I do mean "with" because I usually end up with a stud puppy or part of a litter when I breed with someone. I feel the bitch line is very important. I have a few dogs at home and have included other peoples' bitch lines that I admire. I don't just stick to my original bitch line. There are many techniques I would try to get breedings, but I generally feel that trying natural breedings first and foremost.
                                                       Ch Henrad Ishtar

I feel that both genetics and environment are equally important. Interaction with puppies and room to run, play, and dig is very important for early development for good health later. It is easy to change certain physical characteristics in the search for creating the mind's eye perfect dog; however, once lost these characteristics seem very hard to get back. The dogs I wish I could have bred directly to were "BIS Ch. Marjan II" and "Ch. Damascus Iago". They both "speak" Saluki to me when you see them. My views have changed with time and experience. I feel I was successful in the 1990's by adding a bit more refinement, a prettier head, and a bit more outgoing, but aloof temperament. Since I cross with many other's, I have been successful with my relations with my fellow Saluki friends. This is very rewarding. With all this experimentation and different combinations, I worry about brining in unknown health problems.
                                                                                           Ch Monab Queen of Hearts

I hope to keep the elegance I have found and improve upon my current rears. In trying to have more rear angulations, I seemed to have lost strength on some of my most beautiful type dogs. I hope this hasn't happened by me trying to be trendy. Fortunately, this has only happened on one or two dogs. I should have left my rears alone. I'll choose to breed other's in the 2000s. I feel the future is all for us to make, so we need very much to help the new people coming along. I hope to be involved in this breed for years to come. In case no one has noticed; I think my future is with the smoothes. I have had them for over 10 years now and I seem to be more and more enamored by them. I can see myself having a majority of smoothes in years to come.

in the back is Udjat & front left to right is Flo, Rosie, Cyra

Thank you,
Sharon T. Gause