Destany Navarro

My List of Accomplishment

Hi, my name is Destany Navarro. I started showing dogs when I was 8 years old. The first breed I showed was one of my grandmother's salukis. My first time showing I showed a red smooth named “Que”. It was a bunch of fun and from that day on I knew that I wanted to do dog shows. A year later, I started showing in juniors.  It was ok until I got my first saluki “Teddy Bear”, which I picked at birth. At first he wasn't that great on a lead, but we trained together and I got him to run beautifully. He became my junior dog, and I became successful in juniors. The two of us where invited to Eukanuba in 2006. I guess you can say we make a pretty good match. I finally finished "Teddy" when he was about 2 years old.

2005 Saluki National ~ Lexington, KY
Ch Ruwach Teddy Bear

2006 Eukanuba ~ Tampa, FL                   2006 Saluki National ~ Lexington, KY

Then we started hanging out with another breeder/handler named Roxanne. She is a breeder of Japanese Chins. She needed help showing her Chins, so a couple of other junior handlers and I helped her out. The dog I was going to show was Holly, I instantly fell in love with her. So Roxanne was kind enough to let me co-own her and show her in juniors and in conformation as well. She is currently my junior dog and I am having a lot of fun showing her. We have been doing great with each other and we hope to go to Eukanuba. So look for us in juniors or the conformation ring! Hope to see you at the shows.

April 2005 ~ won my Jr. Handler class with "Seneca"